Funny Joke!


Isolation sucks...


Candle shot. . .


What people know. . .


Machinery Broken


Stop Hurting The Earth!!


Toasted Happy Puffs


Something fun for you!


That is the truth!!


Original Work. . .




Did You Know...

Some things sink in real quick!!

Never Human!! Why lose your soul?

No right to rule me!!

There are some good people in this world!!

Humans have no right to rule...

I'm keen on finding better solutions. . .

If you live my life; You will agree with me!

They however wouldn't know good from bad!!

Going to leave a funny joke in its wake.

Excellence is a choice you must make. . . .

They have no right to rule true men !!!!

Free Your Mind From The Hate!!

Therefore, they are not smart!!

Be Wise, Do what is best.

No love without trust!!

The impressive mouse dines at midnight. . .

Peace, love, and kindness.

Stay calm, life is amazing if you live right !!

Hate doesn't drive out hate, only love does that.

Not that I'm without empathy, I still have a heart

Sometimes, however people are wise beyond normal..

Excellence is only through habits. . .

Some easy way to out smart a cat !!

Be brilliant - Love with all your hearts...



Here is the page about the artist Ctopher Thomas. If you are really adventurous you can read the long version. There is some clever use of PHP on this page. Check it

These are a collection of photos, artwork, or memes. Check them out, and enjoy the view. Brought to you by Ctopher.Me!!

With this link, you can flip a coin with our coin flipper. Try to get the best two out of three. You can always try it out!






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